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Please reserve individual so we can register everybody individualy to comply with the COVID19 Regulations. (if you want to book for more then 1 person just fill in the name of the person you want to book for but use your own email adres)

We pour, we bake, we roast and enjoy our coffee with a view

Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee

Besides our changing guest roasters who’s coffee we have on our second coffee grinder, we roast most of our coffee ourselfves with the help of our awesome partner Olaf from Spot on Coffee Roasters.

We believe that if you prepare the product properly, the best flavors will come forward. Thanks to Olaf’s many years of experience, he can roast the coffee perfectly. By giving the coffee beans the right combination of roasting time, temperature, energy distribution and proper development, the bean’s unique flavors are accentuated. As Olaf says it needs to be SPOT ON! Because only a spot on roasted coffee can be extracted and poured in a spot on way!

Juice Juice Juice Juice Juice

We like to juice! And no we are not talking about gym related things. Always freshly squezed and we dont do small glasses! We also dont shy away from using a fair amount of ginger either..

Orange Juice
orange, orange, orange, orange

Orange Fit
red apples, carrots and ginger

Healthy Green
green apples, fennel, cucumber, ginger and squezed lemon

basically only apples


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